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This background check is as good as, but much cheaper, than other larger investigator firms provide.

The UK Background Checks I provide are used by businesses to obtain information on debtors as well as competitors and employees. These background checks can also be useful to UK landlords who need to check the debt history of their tenants and need to be provided with a credit check. I also cater for people who want to know their partner/Friend/lover's history.


All background checks must have a good reason for being run. They can’t be used just for idle curiosity.


Employee Screening / Debtor / Tenant Background Check - £39.99

Use this background check to find out if they have any CCJs, current and past Hire Purchase information, or have been registered as bankrupt. I'll try to confirm their address, name and age. Local enquires will be conducted and to ascertain what reputation they have. During these enquiries your identity will be kept confidential. Mortgage and property information can also be provided. I can also tell you if they are a company director or not. A good background check for employee screening.

Employee Screening also includes checking with universities and colleges to confirm that they actually attended there and got the correct qualification. This can be done without mentioning your details, though for a more in-depth disclosure the university will need your details and the employee’s consent. I'll need to know the university attended and the year graduated.


Business Background Check - £39.99

I can provide background details on limited companies and the directors of the companies as listed in the debtor check. Sole traders and partnerships can also be investigated. I now have access to credit records on millions of UK sole traders and can run these checks for you. Screen your


Partner / Friend / Lover Background Check - £39.99

I can confirm their name, address, age, wither they are married/divorced or if they have children. Local enquires will be conducted about their reputation (your details will be kept secret). I can also provide CCJ, Hire Purchase information and bankruptcy details. Mortgage and property information is also provided - do they own their home? This background check should help you make decisions about someone's character.


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These are all real people logging onto our forum and posting their stories. A lot of our testmonials from 2006-2012 were lost due to upgrading our forum software. These have been gathered since July 2012.

Sweetie2000 - "I run an accounting firm. When we need clients traced for tax purposes we contact tracepeople."

Teaforme - "You did brilliantly finding my friends, we're all going to meet up next weekend!"

AllySmith - "they found my British uncle in 5 days."

MartyFoster - "I really appreciate you finding someone who owed my plumbing business a lot of money."

$$Michael$$ - "I had a tennant who ran away without paying their rent...tracepeople provided an excellent service..."

ColletteG2 - "I'm now back in touch with a long lost friend, we haven't seen each other since my university days."


Pre-2005 testimonials by email:-


1) Mike - "I would like to complement you on your service, your results, your fee structure and cost base. You obviously know your business well"


2)Susan - "Thanks for the info. You found alot about ..... I didn't know before."


3)Roger - "You are a star - .... and .... turned out to be the Mum and Dad. Just heard today. First tentative meeting to follow sometime soon."


4)David - "Excellent services rendered."


5)Jake - "Thank You very much mate."


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