Your frequently asked questions answered.


1) How much does it cost to trace people or conduct a background check?

A) The price I put on the website is the price I take on almost all cases for. £49.99 upfront + £99.99 only if I find them, or £39.99 for a background check. The USA prices are $80 upfront.


2) Can you get marriage/ birth/ death / divorce certificates?

A) Yes. Birth/Marriage/Death certificates are fairly easy to get, they'll take around 15 days to get to me. I get them from the government for £7, and if you have ordered an investigation I can provide you with them for £7.50 (50p covers my transaction fee that I have to pay my bank). I don't make money getting these for clients. A lot cheaper than the £20 you'll pay elsewhere.


3) Can you trace people from just their email address?

A) Not just from their email address. I stand a good chance of finding them if you know their full name as well.


4) Do you trace ex-directory phone numbers?

A) No. As far as I'm concerned the phone number is the property of the phone company and "selling" their number may be illegal. Ex-directory phone numbers may come up as part of a normal investigation but I don't investigate specifically to find them.


5) Do you trace people and then collect debts as well?

A) No I just trace the missing person. If you need a debt collector once I've completed my investigation I can arrange one for you. Chances are it would be cheaper if I networked with them as debt collectors give investigators a discount, which I'd pass onto you.


6) Can you obtain criminal records?

A) Depends on the case. If you are an employer and the employee you want a background check on has agreed to have his records checked then I can help you. For individuals wanting criminal record checks on other people, I'd require the subject to sign an agreement form before I could process them. You'd both get copies. It'd cost about £50 extra. Contact Rollie for USA criminal record searches.


7) Do you accept cases from international clients?

A) Yes. Payment is usually made through paypal.com as this can accept foreign currencies. The person you are wanting found must be in the UK, I can't find people who are in the United Sates, France etc. For finding people in America you'd need to see my Trace People USA page.


8) Do you accept all cases?

A) If it’s feasible to trace them I’ll accept the case (as most cases are). I won't trace someone if the reason behind it is to cause them harm or abuse. As long as you have good intentions, as 99% of the people who contact me do have, then that's okay. I do trace debtors, but the manner in which you collect the debt is assumed to be professional and above board.


9) Can you get me someone’s email address or mobile phone number?

A) Not usually. There’s no databases listing email addresses or mobile numbers like the phone book. The sometimes come up as part of an investigation, but that’s rare.


10) Do you trace fraudsters on eBay?

A) No, as you won't have any of their real details. Their name and given address will be fake, their email address anonymous and untraceable.

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