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I prefer to accept payment online. Once you’ve contacted me to discuss your case, if I can help I’ll provide a link to my online payment processor. All you do is follow the link to the secure server and enter your debit or credit card details. My payment processor is a major UK company and they will keep your card details safe, I won’t see them.


I accept online payment through and as well.


Please note that if successful you will also have to fill in the payment form again to charge your card. I can't do it from my end, and I don't get your card details. So you are 100% in control of the cost of the investigation as you charge your card each time.


I also accept UK cheques and postal orders, please state in your email that you’d like to pay this way. There can be a week's wait between me depositing the cheque and it clearing. I won’t start an investigation until the cheque has cleared.


So Contact me now to get the ball rolling!


Disclaimer: While we produce good results in tracing people, we can't guarantee that a trace will be successful. If the trace isn't successful the initial fees are non-refundable as they cover our admin costs for the various searches and database checks undertaken. However, you won't have to make the successful 99.99 payment unless the person is traced. If the trace finishes with the person found in death records or in prison the success fee will still be payable.


testimonials - trace people reviews!

These are all real people logging onto our forum and posting their stories. A lot of our testmonials from 2006-2012 were lost due to upgrading our forum software. These have been gathered since July 2012.

Sweetie2000 - "I run an accounting firm. When we need clients traced for tax purposes we contact tracepeople."

Teaforme - "You did brilliantly finding my friends, we're all going to meet up next weekend!"

AllySmith - "they found my British uncle in 5 days."

MartyFoster - "I really appreciate you finding someone who owed my plumbing business a lot of money."

$$Michael$$ - "I had a tennant who ran away without paying their rent...tracepeople provided an excellent service..."

ColletteG2 - "I'm now back in touch with a long lost friend, we haven't seen each other since my university days."


Pre-2005 testimonials by email:-


1) Mike - "I would like to complement you on your service, your results, your fee structure and cost base. You obviously know your business well"


2)Susan - "Thanks for the info. You found alot about ..... I didn't know before."


3)Roger - "You are a star - .... and .... turned out to be the Mum and Dad. Just heard today. First tentative meeting to follow sometime soon."


4)David - "Excellent services rendered."


5)Jake - "Thank You very much mate."


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